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I began my photography, aged about 14, with the indestructible Zenith E. You may also have owned one of these and possibly now use it as a door stop. These cameras were probably as unsophisticated as any SLR ever made but simplicity was their strength. They taught us the relationship between shutter speeds and apertures, something many people now entering photography fail to understand or appreciate as everything comes with a "program" or "intelligent" mode.

For my 21st birthday I received a Canon AE-1, the most popular SLR of its day. I have stuck with Canon ever since but I might just admit that Nikon occasionally steals a march on Canon! With both these and many other manufacturers making excellent equipment, we are now spoiled for choice.

I discovered that I had an eye for composition. I was following many so-called "rules" without even knowing what they were. Don't worry if you don't have a "natural" eye for composition - you can learn many simple guidelines, build up your own experience, find what works well and improve your photography. This is a key area where a Deemacphotos workshop can be extremely helpful. For beginners in photography, it may be your first step up from taking "holiday snapshots".

Much of my professional life was in I.T. but for the best part of a decade I have been a professional photographer, having developed skills and knowledge over many years in my local camera club. With the dawn of the digital age, I had a distinct advantage - computers held no fear for me (although I do still swear at them from time to time)! I have done some darkroom work - but photography leapt into life when I could use a computer instead of enlargers and chemicals.

Deemacphotos has entered a new era. Having identified a desire from the photographic community to go to interesting and exciting places, I have taken the bold step of moving Deemacphotos to the beautiful Isle of Skye. Few places in the British Isles have the diversity of flora and fauna that Skye has to offer, along with absolutely stunning scenery and light.

For as long as I've been an experienced photographer, I have been passing on what I know, helping people to improve techniques, both with camera and computer. I feel it is time to help a wider audience to enjoy their photography and perhaps to see things in a new way. The move to Skye means I can provide even more exciting and diverse opportunities to the photographic community to come and enjoy the Deemacphotos Skye Experience.

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