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I know that many photographers are concerned about Skye's weather, and I would be foolish to suggest that we can ever expect a whole week of perfect conditions here. However, sometimes I've cursed because of a cloudless sky when I wanted something more interesting!

Rather than look upon the weather as our enemy, we should embrace what it sends us and make the most of it. Even on days that are grey and dull, we can put this to good use.

Flat light such as we get on dull days can be perfect for photographing streams and waterfalls...


Flowing Water

Stream colours


A small element of colour can create a focal point...

Grey Elgol


Details in the landscape can assume greater importance against a muted background...

Lone Tree



Often an abandoned property will photograph more easily without bright sunshine streaming in through windows and whatever other openings there might be...



Low cloud or mist can create a broody atmosphere...

Misty Old Man


Overcast? It doesn't matter at all if you're out after dark, painting with light!

Painting with Light


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