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Good Etiquette

I recently read an excellent photographer's blog (i.e. an excellent blog by an excellent photographer!) in which she complained, in a humorous and yet very serious way, about how an increasing number of photographers are behaving when out photographing in wonderful natural landscapes. Having read her accounts of some fairly pathetic behaviour, I'm happy to say that I have not seen it happening on this side of the Atlantic ... YET.

When running workshops I do, of course, get a bit irritated when other people blunder into the scene we're trying to photograph. However, we must remember we all have the right to be where we are, to enjoy it, and with a little bit of consideration for others, we can happily co-exist. So here are a few simple guidelines:

  • if someone has arrived at a location before you, accept it, or simply admire their greater dedication,
  • be careful that you, your equipment, or any shadows you cast do not interfere with other photographers,
  • try not to alter or spoil a scene someone else is photographing,
  • respect nature, both the landscape and its inhabitants,
  • by all means chat to other photographers in a quiet and friendly manner - you can make some good friends and maybe even learn a thing or two.

As a workshop leader I try to set a good example by following these guidelines (I do try, really!) and I encourage those on my workshops to do the same. Usually everyone gets the shots they want, and more, and we all go home happy. Photography is so much more fun for everyone that way.

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