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Why Workshops?
My workshops based on the Isle of Skye are available now!

Workshops can benefit all levels of photographer, from beginners looking to learn and improve to advanced photographers who are largely just looking for great photographic locations.They should be instructive, full of opportunity, but fun too. How can you not enjoy yourselves on one of the world's favourite islands? (The Isle of Skye was listed by National Geographic as the 4th best island in the world.)

Great photographs are mostly the result of good, solid photographic technique and are most certainly not just the result of good photographic equipment. Of course, we all want top class equipment, and there's no denying that high quality, expensive equipment can improve the technical quality of any photo. However, an inexpensive camera used in the right way, in the right place, at the right time will give better results than an expensive camera used in the wrong place or at the wrong time - or in the hands of an inexperienced photographer. My workshops are aimed at improving you as a photographer and providing you with the right opportunities.

And it doesn't end with just taking the photos.You really need to "process" your images, particularly those from digital SLRs,. I can help you to bring out the best in your photographs on the computer. I shall always try to set aside some time during workshops to look through the images you've taken and offer ideas and advice, if you want any, about the processing of them.

You could learn how to turn this flat, rather dull image...
...into this more interesting one...



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