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Tailored to Meet Your Needs
My workshops based on the Isle of Skye will be available May from 2013.

My workshops can be tailored specifically to suit those who are booked into them. Therefore I shall need to know something of your photographic experience, the sort of cameras and lenses you will be using, and your physical ability, e.g. in a day, can you comfortably walk

a) less than a mile
b) 1 to 2 miles
c) 2 to 5 miles
d) more than 5 miles

Some locations may be more demanding to reach than others, and I shall certainly need to know whether you have any physical conditions that will prevent you from walking on fairly rough trails over several miles. Rest assured, I will NOT be taking anyone where anything more than walking boots are needed. For some photos we might follow tracks to loftier locations but all will be for hill walkers, not mountaineers. I am neither skilled enough nor willing to tackle the more extreme areas of Skye, and I definitely don't want to lose any of my guests trying! I'll leave those more hazardous spots for the mountaineering experts. Parts of the Cuillin mountain range are, after all, sometimes used by mountaineers training for the Himalaya.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced photographer, you will benefit from visiting awesome locations. What will differ is the level of tuition you need and (where appropriate) the amount of walking involved. I recognise that experienced photographers will benefit most from being in the right places at the right times, and will often be at their happiest creating and composing their own images. However, I will still be on hand to offer ideas, advice and help if wanted. Less experienced photographers, on the other hand, will learn what to look for and how to achieve the sort of images you see on this web site. With groups made up mostly of inexperienced photographers, I shall be available to assist and guide you throughout all your time with me. I may carry my own camera equipment to help with demonstrating certain things but I will be there primarily to help you so you must never feel like you are getting in my way!

Different seasons present hugely different scenery for us to photograph so I shall be running workshops throughout the year. Skye's lowland roads are rarely blocked in the winter thanks to the effects of the Gulf Stream, so winter scenes are usually accessible. A train ride to Kyle of Lochalsh, or Mallaig (with a ferry crossing to Armadale on Skye), may be your preferred way to get here, in which case I can collect you from Kyle of Lochalsh or Armadale.

A group of 3 is ideal, and for up to that number I can do all the driving. For larger groups I will drive as many as fit comfortably into my car and someone else in the group will need to drive the others. (If a group turns out to be 4 small people, we might all manage in my car as it has a large boot for our equipment.)

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