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What's included
My workshops based on the Isle of Skye will be available from May 2013.

Included in your workshop will be:

  • Free accommodation in my home if you wish it. Please note that I operate a "no smoking"policy in my house. Accommodation in adjacent B&Bs may be available if what I can provide is not suitable for you, but this would be at your own expense, and bear in mind that we may be out photographing during "normal" breakfast times. I can provide you with details of nearby accommodation. I can also provide space for one or perhaps two camper vans with electric hook-up.
  • For those staying with me, continental breakfast will be provided. You are welcome to prepare your own cooked breakfasts if you want to and you have the time! In fact, my kitchen and house will be at your disposal throughout your stay.
  • I guide you to all locations. For groups of up to 3, travel will be in my car.

If you are lucky, in the autumn, winter, or spring months there's always a chance that you might see the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis. As these cannot be predicted more than a short time in advance, and even then with no real certainty - and goodness knows we can't rely on getting cloudless skies - I cannot possibly make any sort of promises for them. However, I receive alerts when there is increased activity and if the opportunity presents itself, we'll certainly be taking advantage!

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